Quality and environment

Our Company keeps a strong policy of quality aimed to provide our customers with the products and services most suitables to their needs, being always respectful with environment. Our aims are:

  • As prioritary aim; to take the steps to adequate our products and services to our customers’s needs.
  • To optimeze the internal management and adapt the organization in order to achieve our quality objectives.
  • To follow and trace the product, processes and quality system in order to improve constrantly.
  • To make this quality and environment respect and objective for our personnel and workers.
  • The complete satisfaction of our customers.
  • To prevent falilures in the system in order to achieve zero defects.
  • Harsh accomplishment of scheduled delays for our service.
  • To achieve and keep a high level of quality in order to increase our prestige among our customers.
  • To keep a quality system according to ISO 9001:2008 and a environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2004
  • Compromise to accomplishment and respect to the laws regarding products and services.
pdf ISO 9001 Quality management systems ( since 1997)
pdf ISO 14001 Management systems environment ( since 2008)

Our products

  • Sulfur for industry

    Our catalog includes a wide range of sulfur in general use, but also can prepare formulations tailored to customer specifications .

  • Sulfur for agriculture

    Sulfur is an effective fungicide and miticide used in major vegetable crops , fruit trees, ornamental ... without harmful effects on the environment .

Julio Cabrero
Puerto de Requejada, s/n 39312 Requejada, Cantabria - España | TEL. 942 82 40 89 - 942 84 50 90 | FAX 942 82 50 57 | EMAIL info@juliocabrero.com

We guarantee the quality of our processes and products, while respecting the environment

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