For industry


  • Improved vulcanizing process
  • Tyre manufacturing
  • Metallurgical processes
  • Waterworks
  • Manufacturing of explosives and fireworks
  • Paper and cellulose industry
  • Pharmaceutical processes
  • Sugar industry
  • Mixed animal feeds

Our catalogue covers a wide range of general use sulphurs.

  • Micronized and oiled soluble sulphur
  • Micronized soluble sulphur
  • Insoluble sulphur blends
  • Crushed and/or packaged soluble sulphur
  • Prilled sulphur
  • Special blends
  • Homologated sulphurs for contact with drinking water
  • Pre-packed and pre-weighted pigments

We can prepare custom-made formulations according to the client’s specifications.



Our industrial sulphurs are delivered in 25 kg bags (with valve or opening) on shrink-wrapped pallets, or shrink-wrapped big-bags on pallets. Other presentations are possible, according to the client’s requirements.


Specs of our productos

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We guarantee the quality of our processes and products, while respecting the environment

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